The Expression Range is available in both free vend and coin operation and various canister combination options for maximum versatility.



  • Built-in menu including standard/ large/maxi sizes plus regular/strong/mild drinks
  • Full audit facility
  • High speed delivery/whipping system
  • Advanced solid state heating 3kw (13A) / 4.8kw (20A)
  • Programming in grams & millilitres
  • Pre-loaded drink defaults
  • Low voltage (12v) D.C control system
  • Integral flush system
  • Mains water or pumped versions available
  • All whippers/augers/valves independently fused
  • 15 premium drinks including jug and hot water plus mild/strong, maxi/large selections
  • 80 character LCD display
  • All stainless steel and zintec chassis with metallic/polyester paint finishes
  • Backlit graphics built into buttons

Technical Data

  • Height: 76cm
  • Depth: 53cm
  • Width: 36cm
  • Max Cup Height: ??cm
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Drink Throughput: 240 @ 3kw black coffee p/hour
  • Drink Throughput: 300 @ 4.8kw black coffee p/hour

Canister Capacities

  • Various options available (please call)

Drink Selection

Various options available (please call)


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